November 21, 2009


As I sit in the Dulles USO, I am overhelmed by the emotions that I am feeling. We are checked in on Etiopian Airlines and I was so overtaken by just the sight of Ethiopians. Crazy, I know! They are just beautiful people and resemble my baby. Crazy, just crazy! So this will be my last post until after we are back on U.S. soil. My friend, Missy,will be blogging for me. I am not sure how often of if I will be able to call or get internet access to update, but I will attempt to. I can't wait to share the rest of our story with y'all! PEACE OUT!


Justine said...

HAPPY, SAFE TRAVELS!! I'm sitting here smiling just thinking of you boarding the plane right now. Love to Marley from Meron and family. YEAHHH!!

Alida said...

Safe travels Elisa ... can't wait for the updates.

Jill said...

I've read this short post like 30 times and every time, I get that butterfly, lump in the throat, scared to death, super excited feeling all over again. It's been almost 2 years and I still getting a little short of breath remembering that day. Looking out at the sun setting on that Ethiopian Airlines plane. You will never forget that feeling of anticipation. While nothing topped holding my daughter in my arms, that anticipation and hopeful expectation is one of the most profound emotions I have ever felt! Thank you for reliving it for me. I hope you are having a great time with your daughter right now!