November 19, 2009


We are busy packing and making sure we have everything we need in the Hyman house! We packed all the donations and all we have left to pack is our clothes! I'm a list queen, so lists are everywhere! Lists of what I still need to do, what I still need to pack, instructions for my in-laws and friends, instructions for teachers/bus driver, lists of questions to ask Amaye, lists of children of other adoptive families to take pictures of, lists of who to get gifts for and what to get, and a list of my lists! I know, crazy...but it's just how my brain works!
While we are away, I will attempt to call my in-laws and my guest blogger, Missy, to keep them updated. Missy will be blogging for me while I'm away. Missy's baby just legally became hers this week and since I'm her "auntie", I am hoping to get to love all over her before her mommy goes to pick her up! This is truly going to be one of the highlights of my trip. Missy is such a close friend of mine and we were hoping to travel together. Since we aren't, I get to smooch on that baby for her! So keep checking out the blog to hear what's going on. I won't be able to load pictures until we get back. Two more days baby!


Alida said...

Oh, I'll be blog stalking big time while your're gone Elisa .... and waiting for those updates from Missy :)! On pins and needles too for you all ... only 2 more days!!!!!

Monique said...

Have a safe trip! You will be in our prayers! :)

ashatto said...

Yea, I am happy for you guys! Remeber to take money that is crip and newer than 2003. Its a little tip that they will not exchange money older than 2003 or 2002. People in line infront of us learned the hard way.
many blessings!
- katy

Missy said...

SOOOOOOO freakin excited for YOU!!!!!