February 21, 2010

Knit Knit Purl Purl

I'm taking a knitting class! Yes, you heard right! I have been wanting to take one for years. My brother actually purchased a Knitting for Dummies book years ago and I just couldn't figure it out. Hilarious, I know. So I thought the Y offered some knitting classes and asked a few months ago and the guy at the counter laughed at me. Seriously, he laughed at me.
Brandon brought home a local college's catalog of non-credit classes, and alas a knitting class! I put it off and put it off, until a friend of mine offered to take it with me. So here I am, almost done with my knitting class and I almost have my class project complete. A 16x16 pillow. I know, what a horrible project. But hey, my teacher and my classmates have about 30 years on me, so knitted pillow it is.
In my spare time, since I have so much of it (sarcasm attached), I knitted a headband and flower, and a wash cloth. I really like making the flowers and have all kinds of patterns to learn. I'm hoping to graduate to some booties and a really cool hat soon. Just in time for spring. But hey, I'll get a head start on next year.


Gretchen Magruder said...

I'm SO impressed! All I can do is a basic scarf....as soon as I start looking at patterns and shapes, I'm in big trouble!

Missy said...

Wow!!! Great job!!!

Jodi said...

Yay - how wonderful. I love to knit, but have a project all ready to start, but... a new stitch I don't know how to do. I am going to have to cave in and watch how to do it on Utube I guess... or find someone here who knits!

waitingonhim said...

Wow! I am jealous, this is something I have always wanted to do. You have inspired me to pull my beginners kit out of the closet and give it a try! My mom made me some of the washcloths and they are wonderful.
Have fun!

Alida said...

Elisa ... this looks really cute ... I love the headband!!!