February 11, 2010

Marley and her Friends

We have been attending some play dates with Miss Marley. Okay, so I have been taking her to play dates while Brandon is at work and Miles is at school. She's becoming very curious. Last week, we played at her friend Stella's house. Stella is a month younger than Marley. Owen is almost a year. They played so well together. Marley, the talker that she is, didn't make a peep until about an hour of playing. She has to warm up, then she really gets going!
This week, Marley got to meet Ari. Ari just came home a few weeks ago and is just a ham. ADORABLE! He is two months younger than Marley. She was all over Ari. Since she's started scooting, she feels like she has more independence and I suppose she was trying to teach Ari the ropes...lol. Marley would take Ari's binki out of his mouth and try to trade with him. She wanted the blue and thought he might want the pink. I suppose she's getting tired of all the pink. She was taking toys out of his hands. Bossy, that Miss Marley...lol. They had a great time. We listened to an Ethiopian children's CD my good friend Justine gave Marley. It was too cute!

Here is Marley trying to give Ari a kiss. This girl....lol! Of all her friends, her brother Miles is her best friend! He can't wait to play with her everyday. The first question he asks when he gets off the school bus is, "is Marley awake?" He rolls around on the floor, reads to her, plays peek-a-boo and sings to her.
I love my kids!


Missy said...

CUTE!!!! What a little flirt!!! Kissing up on the boys already!!

Alida said...

Oh so sweet those two of yours!!! She seems like such a happy little bundle of pure joy ... and she's starting to show her personality. I can't wait to meet you guys one day and have our kids meet ... I'm sure they'd play well together. Jalen told me lately he wants to be called "Miles". He caught on to us calling Nyla Hanna "Hanna" so now since he's Jalen Miles he wants to be called "Miles".

Loved to read this update!!! Marly's catching up quick to her peers! Such a lovely little lady!!!