May 13, 2010

Happy Birthday Mar Mar!

My baby girl is no so much a baby anymore. I, like all mothers, will call her my baby for all of her life. We celebrated Marley's birthday with a picnic style party at one of our many local parks. Marley had fun playing on a blanket and showing off her huge birthday bow with pride. She liked the cake, but like big brother, she just kind of messed over it. No big cake mess in our! She received a lot of really nice toys, all of which make noise. I love it! What a special day in our house. Miss Marley is one year old!


Alida said...

Happy First Birthday sweet little Marley! I hope to meet you sometime in person!!! Elisa, we'll be in STL over Memorial Day weekend! How far r u guys from STL? I'll call u soon!

Shawn said...

Happy Birthday Marley!