August 7, 2012

Uganda 2012 Day 1

Why do I do this?  What makes me want to travel all the way to Africa to spend two weeks serving?

I do it because if fuels me.  I love seeing little brown faces with deep brown eyes looking up to me.  I see Him in those eyes.  When I squeeze those tiny bodies, I feel full.  I go thinking I'm going to do something big…make a difference.  But what happens is that the difference that is made, is in me.  I am changed.  Without knowing it, they are the ones that show me what true love is.  They show me how to be completely content in what they have.  They show me how to be in crazy love with Him.  

They. Change. Me.

Day 1

Today was the first day to really get dirty, so to speak.  Our team was scheduled to spend the entered day at My Father's House and Royal Hope Academy. I was very excited to share this awesome experience with my team.  
We pulled up, and they hurried into position to welcome us.  They didn't have enough time to fully welcome us down the path that leads to their school, but it still overwhelmed my team.  Its very emotional to see children with so little be so grateful for us.  Our bus doors open, and its as if we are celebrities.  
Their worship and praise is out of this world.  It truly is my favorite place to worship.  Talk about putting us to shame.  They love Jesus and raise their hands, kneels on the hard red dirt and praise him. I had to leave early and drive with Abus to pick up the team members that didn't make our original flight the day before, and pick up the missing luggage.  
Abus, our driver, and I had a lot of fun learning about each others cultures.  He said that I am good because I talk to thin.  I can't imagine not making conversation with the an who drives, translates and meets all of our crazy needs.   I learned that he has five children and has been married for 15 years.  His wife goes to University for accounting.  He supports this family by driving teams when their are in town.  
When we arrived at the airport, I caught the three team members just as they were about to exit the luggage claim area.  Once you go thru, you can't go back.  I quickly handed them the missing luggage tags, and had them go to find our missing bags.  Thank God for that!  Others were waiting for hours to have an airport worker look for one bag at a time.  We quirky snook out of there before any other delay.  They were so tired, I can imagine!  At dinner, George from Ekubo, came to speak to our team about his love story to his wife Christy (an American), and about his ministry, Ekubo.  HE was hilarious!  He has an obvious passion for bettering his village.  It was such an honor to get to meet him. The team was very tired, but did their best to stay us.  He was very appreciative of the formula we had collected.

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