August 9, 2012

Uganda Day 2

We started our journey to Palissa, Uganda around 8:00 a.m..  Because of our large team, we have a bus for us and a van four our luggage.  WE stopped in Jinja for lunch and for the Internet cafe.  Internet has been down 95% of the time we've been hearer.  Unfortunately, it wasn't working very well today either.  I want to see my family so bad, I miss my kids!
Back on the bus, our worship team helped us to get back into Him.  It was awesome to have that!  As we started to drive thru Palissa, it started looking very rural. Lots of holes in the small dirt roads, huts everywhere, and beautiful Ugandans surprised to see our big bus in their village.  I'm sure that our big bus full of Mzungus had something to do with it.
At the Country Inn, literally in the sticks, our luggage was being searched…one bag at a time, for explosives.  Explosives…really?!  Yes, they were looking in every bag for explosives!  Our team had approximately 70 bags, and one guy was searching our bags after we were squished into a tight bus for 6 hours.  We were not very happy!  So being the great example of spiritual leadership that I am, I began hiding bags behind me and creating a scene to distract our bag searcher.  Then I proceeded to invite my fellow team members to also partake in my deceiving scheme of sneaking bags past the bag searcher and into our rooms.  Hilarious…I must say, but it did the job!
After sorting out that mess, and getting settled into our rooms, we headed to Kerith Children's Home.  There were not many children there initially, but it didn't take long before the children in the community were watching us.
I was shown the "kitchen" were we will be cooking.  This is going to be an interesting adventure!  I watched the ladies cooking chapati, and gathered some of the other team members to learn as well.  Mercy, Pastor Samuel's wife, was so much fun.  She is full of personality.  They showed us how to form the dough and cook it on a small charcoal fueled skillet.  Chipati is very similar to a tortilla.  It was a lot of fun preparing the dough and watching the Ugandan women laugh at us. In the end, we mastered it.
The feast we are preparing for the staff and the children is going to b e such a special treat.  I will be taking a few of the team members to market to buy food in the morning.  Just talking about our menu and how we will be preparing it makes me laugh.

We started out talking about buying two goats, and having tow of our team members kill and clean it.  Then they started talking about buying a slab of beef from the market…oh boy!

The day before, we were in Jinja.  I had used my coleader's phone to text Brandon.  I said, "Hey Boo, get on FaceTime.  I have internet access.  Don't text back unless it's an emergency."  Well apparently, all Brandon just replied.  All he received was, "Emergency!"  I about wet my pants, I couldn't stop laughing!

As we were about to call it a night, a hotel staff person approached me with a sheet of paper asking about 20 personal questions.  Including name, address, passport number, our tribe, etc..  I told him I could complete on form for the whole team.  He kept insisting everyone needed on.  So again, I do what any spiritual leader would do…lol!  I take the whole stack and hand them over to another team member and have her fill out all of our teams "personal information."  Or at least, her interpretation of everyones information!  Fun times!  I hope to get asked to lead another team soon!

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