August 9, 2012

Uganda Day 3

Cooking at Kerith Children's Home

What a day!  Our team woke up, eager to serve and love at Kerith Children's Home.  Seven of us, along with Abus and Mama Loy, drove to the Market, while the rest of the team went to play with the children.

I have to say going to market had to be one of the most exciting times yet!  The Market is very large.  It is made up of many small shanty type booths, with many varieties of produce, meat, hot food, and staples for the home.

We arrived with our its for the feast we were preparing for the children and the staff.  Of course, we were quite the scene, but we proceeded anyways!  We were followed by children mesmerized by the Mzungus.  Many of the vendors jacked the prices up with what I like to call the Mzungu tax.  Abus, our driver, and Loy, the teacher at Kerith, negotiated for us.  Negotiating was quite a long process, so to keep ourselves entertained, we danced with the children and we watched local chapati vendors get down of that skillet.

We bought rice, pineapple, bananas, carrots, onions, potatoes, garlic, soda, pots, knives, plates and last but not least…meat.  Ah, the meat.  This is a story in its self!  In Uganada, meat means…meat.  It could be cow, goat, sheep, etc..  Meat is meat!   We purchased beef and somehow, part of a goat got involved.  It was quite an adventure!

We loaded the van up and head back to get started. It was so awesome to see my team step up to cook!  Everyone was eager to help, no complaints!  We cooked over fires.  As the stew team cut and cleaned all the items for the stew, the chapati team mixed dough and rolled out circles that would later become a local favorite similar to a tortilla.  Our produce team sliced pineapples, and tomatoes. And our rice team sorted out the stones from the rice.  It all went surprisingly well!


The staff were not allowed to do anything but watch, and give their input when needed.  The women were pampered and had their nails painted.

When it came time to serve, the children lined up from youngest to oldest.  We loaded their new bowls up with rice, stew, chapati, tomato and pineapple.  And each child got a soda.  The children devoured it!

Pastor Samuel pulled me aside and we talked for sometime.  He told me that we created Christmas for these children.  They eat porridge everyday, and rice only comes once a year on Christmas.  He teared up as he told me how moved he was to see our team love his children and serve them.  It gave him hope and gave him confirmation that he was in the right place.  I can't count how many times he thanked me.  He told me that I am a great leader, and that I did an excellent job organizing my team.  That felt so good to hear!  Although,
it has nothing to do with me, it game me reassurance.  I love leading, and I know I will make poor decisions or mistakes, but i aspire to build teams that have a servants heart and to love as Jesus loves.  By him complimenting my leadership skills, it made me feel like, thru God's guidance,  I have accomplished that.

After dinner, we had a clean up crew wash dishes, and clean up the space we used to prepare the food. We walked back to The Country Inn and sat on the grass to reconnect.  I wanted to see where everyone was.  They seemed to enjoy Kerith, and even inquired about supporting them in the future.  We talked about our next few days.

We travel to The Haven tomorrow…I can't wait for my team to see this little peace of Heaven!

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