June 11, 2008

Malnutrition and Hunger in Ethiopia

To our friends and family,
As you probably have seen in the media lately, Ethiopia is in major need of food! The agency we are working with does a lot of humanitarian aid in this area. Please follow the link below and consider a donation to help feed these children! It could be our baby you are helping! Thanks a bunch!

Right now, up to 6 million children under the age of five are at risk of malnutrition in Ethiopia . According to the UN World Food Program, insufficient rain and the skyrocketing prices of food are the main causes behind the current crisis, and millions of people are facing starvation.

You can make a difference. Your gift today will send much needed assistance to children and families throughout Ethiopia . Children’s Hope International is currently helping hundreds of children in the Addis Ababa region, but the need is much greater.

You can donate as little as $10 to help save these children’s lives. If we do not act now, millions of children risk losing their lives.

· $25 will provide food for a child for one month
· $50 will provide baby formula for an infant for one month
· $100 will provide food for a family of four for one month
· $300 will provide food for a child for an entire year
· $1,200 will provide food for a family of four for an entire year


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