June 30, 2008


THANK YOU JESUS! This has been a huge emotional day! We have worked sooooo hard to get all of this stuff done and redone and now it's here! We overnighted our dossier to our agency. For those of you not familiar with the adoption process, NOW we have done all we can do! It will be going to DC and then to Ethiopia and we will officially be waiting (there are like 70 families ahead of us)!!! And THEN we will be paper pregnant! Praise Him!

Also, it looks like we have a buyer for the Mustang, we will know for sure on Thursday! So we are getting closer to funding our adoption!

Thank you all so much for your prayers and please scroll down and continue praying our prayer list, your prayers are working!


Stephanie said...

Congratulations! This was my favorite day of the process so far (I am thinking referral and forever days will trump it). It was such a relief to have the dossier off!

Gretchen Magruder said...

woo hoo!!! Ours should be following yours, hopefully tomorrow!!!

LISA said...

Congrats!!Can you believe you got it all tackled?!

Anonymous said...

yea...congrats!! how good to you feel today?!

another couple weeks and it will be official :)


Amanda and John said...

That’s awesome!! Congrats! It’s a great feeling....its just such a relief to get it off and out of your hands.

1 month to Springfield! That’s great! Have you found a place to live?! My husband is originally from that area. And so is my dad! Its a few hours away but definitely play dates will be in order! :)