June 27, 2011

Balungi (Ugandan for Beautiful)

I started this journey in an attempt to find beauty myself.  Inner Beauty that is. I had always been drawn to missionary type people and often wondered how my own life would play a part in serving others.  This past month, I went on my first mission trip to Uganda, Africa.  I had traveled to Ethiopia the year before to bring our daughter home, but this time my trip was dedicated to loving the sweet children of Uganda that couldn't be adopted.
You probably recall my post that challenged you all to donate hair goodies for these little princesses.  I was blown away by the amount of donations that you sent it!  It was the most amazing thing to go to my mail box daily and have boxes and boxes of very well packed and well thought out donations!  You all sent in over 4,000 headbands, flowers and bows, thousands and thousands of barrettes and beads, and so much more!  Everywhere we went, we crowned princess after princess!  The girls were so excited that most times, when it came time to pass out the goodies, we got ambushed!  Only a few injuries resulted, so no need to be alarmed!
You can read all about my journey to Uganda, here.  I went on a trip through Visiting Orphans, who organize trips all over the world! I would LOVE to talk to anyone that is considering one!  I truly think everyone should go on at least one in their lifetime!  To learn more about the children and ministries of my trip and the children that you brought beauty to, you can find out more on their websites.

Most of the girls in Uganda do not have hair, so the headbands were a very extra special treat!  The girls that did have hair were so excited to get it all dolled up by this Mzungu, Ugandan for White person.  My team and I loved on too many children to count and we were able to make the already beautiful girls shine thanks to your generous donations!  

Since my trip, I have felt a strong desire to go back annually and to train to lead my own teams of short term missionaries.  I hope that by sharing this experience, that you will be compelled to help again in the future, or even join me one day!  Thanks again for you admirable compassion!

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