June 23, 2011

Uganda Day 7

I awoke to the preschool children giggling and laughing.  The school children were already off to school.  They go to school sic days a week for eleven hours a day.  I went a close by store and found two back packs.  I was so excited and continued to look for one more.
At breakfast, my team informed me of my wild drunken night. Apparently, they woke me up right after I had fallen asleep with Ambien.  OH MY GOODNESS!  Sorry, no pictures or video were taken…to my knowledge!  I would take the sleep aid because I'm a princess when it comes to sleep! And an unairconditioned room with 7 women in bunks and all sorts of animal noises outside is not an ideal sleep setting for this drama queen.  So I secretly, or so I thought, would take the sleep aid as I was quietly minding my business in my own bed with the mosquito net already drawn.  So what I am told is that I fell asleep while journalling and Mama Kiki, my crazy team leader, came in to tuck us in.  When she saw me, she shown her flight light in my face.  That is when I allegedly told her to "get that light out of my face you heifer!"  I do not recall any of the above events.
After breakfast, we went to the market to shop and eat lunch.  I found some good deals but much of my effort was towards finding my girls dresses and backpacks.  Those sweet girls hardly left my mind.
We then traveled to Amani Baby Cottage.  The director is a 20 year old Mzungu!  Amani has a beautiful compound.  The kids were in cloth diapers and had many things to do on the very large lot of land.
When i went into one of the rooms, a little boy ran right up to me holding out his arms.  I scooped him u and he laid his head on my chest.  I was accustom to this routine by know.  I played Mama to baby Eric for a few hours.  We played in the swing and I chased him around the lawn!  Sweet boy!  I did get to do one hair of head while at  Amani.  Unfortunately, I am not allowed to post photos of Amani Baby Cottage, as some of their children are in the process of being adopted and to respect their future families, we are not allowed to post.
Back at Canaan's , it was market night right outside the ministry compound.  I grabbed a few team members and went looking for some great deals.  I did find a few things too.  I went back with Sharon about ten minutes later and bought her some flat bread.  She was very thankful.  Have I said that I am in love with these girls?!

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