June 23, 2011

Uganda Day 6 Canaan's School

After breakfast, we walked over to Canaan's school house.  They had 4-5 primary classes, each having about 100 children.  They sang songs to us and asked us several questions about America.  Like, "do you have chikens in America?"  We sang songs to them, read a scripture and answered questions.  the were asking about Africans in America, so we brought out my family photo album and they were in awe.  The thought it was so funny that a Mzungu, a white person, was married to an African.  I tried my hardest to explain that my husband was American AND Black.  It was difficult for them to comprehend.  I truly think that they believe all American's are White….haha!

The bell had rung for playtime and all the kids had run out into the courtyard.  There were street vendors selling little seet biscuits.  They were charingin one coin.  Some children didn't have any money to buy one.  I later found out that the sponsored children had coins and the children without sponsors did not.  Since I had extra money to give (thanks to all my awesome friends and family!), I bought every kid in the school a snack!  It was so sad to watch the children sit on the side while their peers ate.  Thankfully, that day they didn't have to!

We came back to Canaan's to eat lunch, then packed back up into the bus and drove an hour to Iganda to visit Living Hope.  They are a church, orphanage and Christian Ministry in a predominately Islam village.  Joanna is the director and a former orphan herself.  The ministry has about 70 children.  We also sang and did a bible story.  The children and village kids and women really enjoyed the bows, beads and barrettes.

Since Living Hope is a new ministry, they have very little funding, so our team took up a love offering.  I believe we raised well over $500.oo, which is HUGE in Uganda.
We arrived back at Canaan's and Ginger let me use her iPad to video chat with my family.  That was the best thing ever!  My girls, the Aunties and many others gathered around me in amazement.  It was so nice to see my family, let them see the kids I was loving on and let the sweet Ugandan kids see my family!  They giggled as my kids made faces and reached for me through the screen.  What an awesome experience!

My girls, Helen and Caroline remained by my side.  Helen mentioned to me that she had no shoes and no bag or snack for school.  I love these girls and just want to shower them with love.  A team member had brought pillowcase dresses her church had made, so I pulled the girls into our team dorm and gave them their new dressed and flip flops.  They were so proud and very very appreciative! 

After it started getting dark, we headed back to the open air chapel.  We listened to children singing, playing and just being silly.  Sharon, a 13 year old girl, started to get closer to us.  I could tell that she needed love too, but didn't want to make it awkward for her, so I just talked to her.  After awhile, I could feel her head fall onto my shoulder and her hands slip into mine.  What a feeling! By 10 p.m., it was time for me to walk them to their dorms for bed.  I tucked them in and kissed each cheek and finished it with a big mama hug!  They loved it, you could see the happiness all over their faces!

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