June 19, 2011

Uganda Day 4 (Canaan's)

In the afternoon, we got on the road to Jinja, a town about two hours from Kampala.  As we left the big town of Kampala, it slowly turned into beautiful, lush land, giant trees, tall grasses, mountains…just beautiful!  You could also tell that the people,e were poorer the further we drove.
When we arrived at the gates of Canaan's the children screamed and cheered.  They rushed to the bus. I handed Kari my camera to capture the craziness.  As soon as i stepped off the bus, I had been picked by two girls who grabbed my  hand and pulled me through the crowd. They pushed off any other child that tried to join us.

Helen and Caroline are the names of the girls who claimed me.  Helen is the shy on but shows so much affection.  She stayed by my side from the moment I got off the bus.  She rested her head only chest and kept squeezing me.  Her English is broken but she still was able to communicate with me.

Caroline has a more outgoing personality and has very good English and helped translate a lot of things for Helen.

We left the kids outside while we ate dinner and they patiently waited for us to finish to claim us again. I held those two girls so tightly and stroked their cheeks as if they were my own children.  I sang to them and prayed over them and then I walked them to their dorm.  They didn't want me to leave, but after the long day I needed sleep.  I promised to be there in the morning.

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