June 19, 2011

Uganda Day 4 (Sixty Feet and M3)

Today…where do I start? What an experience! After breakfast, we packed up the 30 passenger bus and headed to M3, the prison for 12-18 year old children.  When we walked in, the kids were all sitting in an outdoor room anxiously waiting to preform for us.   They have several different claps that express their excitement.  The director Maria, is a healthy woman who obviously loves those children very much.  There were about They danced around to the beat.  They really liked it when we danced as well.  Our team then sang worship songs back to them.  Then the boys asked us to pray for them.  We all disbursed and laid hands on them.  Me and one of the other team members, prayed for the boys who were playing the drums.
By this time, it was time to bring out all the goodies we had for them.  Me and a few of the teams members took the girls back into their dorm and let them pick the bows and headbands they wanted.

They were so excited!  Then we painted their nails and played board games.  

Most of the boys were in the courtyard playing football (soccer).  It was so awesome watching the joy in these kids faces.  I bonded very well with a girl named Doreen.  

She loved carrying around my camera and taking pictures of all her friends.  She had such smooth skin and was so beautiful.  I promised to send her pictures when I got back to America.

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