June 16, 2011

Mission Uganda Day 1-2

Day One
Today began with much excitement.  I quickly woke up for the alarm clock and got dressed and was ready to run!  I cut Brandon's hair, and was just about to get in the van when Kari, my team leader, called to tell me our flight had been canceled. It was due to bad weather in Chicago.  It was a crazy day in the Springfield airport!  Many people were told the only way that they would get out of Springfield and to Chicago was if they were to drive.  Not an option for me.  I HAD to get to D.C. by tonight in order to connect to my Ethiopian Airlines flight in the morning.  I prayed and had faith the God would take care of it. After three trips to the airport, I finally got on a flight out of Springfield!  I arrived in D.C. at 1:30 a.m..

Day Two
This morning, we woke up and ate breakfast at 7:00 a.m..  I met and make friends with Amanda, Valerie and Kari H.. I am getting very excited to get to Uganda!  The flight was a long 13 hours.  Not as long as the 20 hours we flew with Marley.  I sat next to a Japanese Canadian that was traveling t Ethiopia to do Humanitarian aid.  Good conversation.
We stopped in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia to change planes.  I wanted to get out so bad!  It's as if I am drawn to Addis!  I suppose I will always be!
Finally, after a very rough landing, we have made it to Uganda.  Just looking out the window, I can see all of Ugandan's beauty!  Hills, mountains, green trees and grass, the lake!
We are staying a Adonia Guesthouse for the first few days.  It's nice and big enough to house all 27 of us.

We have to sleep with mosquito netting because of the high Malaria outbreaks.  I'm bunking with Amanda and we seem to get along just fine.  We are al so tired that we crashed as soon as we unpacked! We continued to walk around like zombies for the rest of the day.
Moses, from the 60 Feet mininstry, came by tonight to give us all the details for our visit ot M1 tomorrow.  There are about 250 kids there, most are boys and most are over 12 years old. I really don't know what to expect.

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