June 19, 2011

Uganda Day 4 (M4 Child Protective Center)

We left M3 and headed to M4.  M4 is similar to a child protective center.  Moses, the director of Sixty Feet, told us that the kids that are there, all 150 of them, were either abandoned, removed from abusive homes, tortured , had parents in jail, or committed a crime themselves.  These children were young.  Infants to maybe 10 years old. 
Most of the team had gotten out quickly and picked up small children.  I was pumping up beach balls.  Betty, Moses' wife and also a nurse, was being called over to assist in an infant having a seizure.  By this time I was done with the balls and walked over to the covered area flooded with children. I was shocked to see most of my team with babies and toddlers that laid on their chests with pitiful, weak expressions on their faces.  The appeared tired, but as  a mother, I could see there was pain, illness and hunger in their eyes.  
Within five minutes I had a little girl, around four years old, climb up onto my lap and lay on my chest with a blank stare and no expression.  None of the babies had on diapers and few even have clothes covering their naked bottoms.  There were several special needs children and very few adults. We never really toured the place but could see that they needed everything. Heartbreaking.  We only there for about two hours, and during that time two little ones had seizures, and most children screamed and ran for us when we had to put them down and leave. They obviously needed love, touch, and affection so bad.  The director wouldn't let us take pictures, but I can see why.  This children's home was in extremely poor condition and the children were very sick.  We ALL left crying.  It was on of the most difficult things I have ever seen or experienced. Please keep this facility in your prayers!  These children need it!

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