June 25, 2011

Uganda Day 9 Return Ministries

We headed back on the three hour drive to Kampala at about 10:00 a.m..  I got motion sickness for the first time, nothing too bad, but I did get to sit at the front of the bus!  We went straight to Return Ministries.  The children were all sitting in chairs, as if they had been waiting for hours.  They actually had been, due to a communication error of the staff.  But we jumped right back into missionary mode and jumped off that bus with our donations in hand and ready to love and sing!

After I found my donation bag filled with all the hair goodies, I headed out to find a baby to hold!  For most of the trip, I had ben bonding with the older children, which is right where I needed to be.  But today, I needed a little one to snuggle.  Many little ones were already being loved on…and then I found Gloria!  She seemed to be around two years old, the same age as my baby back home.  I took her under the canopy tent and started loving on her…and of course her hair too!  She just laid on my chest, sucking on her fingers.  I so needed that!

The girls were so excited so excited to have hair pretties, especially the beads and barrettes. Pastor Samuel, the director of Return Ministries, has a daughter and his wife Sarah, was so happy that I had barrettes and beads.  She said she had  been looking all over the place for such stuff!  I was so happy to be able to give those items out.  A big thanks to all who donated!

When we got back to the Adonai Guest House, we got to unpack and eat an amazing dinner of lasagna and garlic bread!  Moses and Betty, from Sixty Feet were there.  And Pastor Samuel and his wife Sarah, from Return Ministries were there with their daughter Pearl.  She is only 7 months old and has to weight 30 pounds!  Such a sweet girl!

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